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Club Release First Image - 22/01/2008

Pic: Possible view from the new stadium frontage. Only 1 level will be visable from the outside as the club intend to build two floors into the ground.

Fisher have released the first possible image, through local paper 'The Southwark News',of what the proposed ground on the edge of Southwark Park will look like.

Story continue's at the link below;,news,8625,440,00.htm

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Proposal Announced - 16/11/2007

Fisher Athletic have publicly announced, through local paper The Southwark News, their submitted plans for a £35 million stadium to be built on the border of Southwark Park. The clubs intention is to build on the site currently known as Southwark Park Athletic's Stadium. Talks with the council and officials are thought to be at an advanced stage and the club hopes to publicly release detailed design drawings within the next two weeks.

The plan to build the borough’s first state-of-the-art 10,000-seat stadium as a home to Fisher Athletic Football Club and as a centre for sports and entertainment, would be completed within three years if it was given the green light. The stadium would be three storeys high but only one storey above ground level. Car parking would be underground and the storey above would be covered in grass with an open roof, giving the appearance of a sloping hill from a distance. Examples of this type of build include the bowl at Michigan State University, although the Southwark Stadium would be deeper and not so wide... not so bowl shaped. Or more aptly, similar in landscaped design to the grassed stadium in Dartford Prince’s Park (although this is one storey and does not go underground).

Stadium option at £35 million Size: 3 storey (one above ground) and 10,000 capacity
Facilities: As well as the 10,000 seat stadium, which Fisher would play in, they would be using a new Astroturf based grass that is being used at Rangers’ and Coventry's grounds, allowing it to be used for youth teams across the borough, schools and colleges. The facilities would include football for ladies and disabled provision too. A new leisure centre would be incorporated to replace Seven Islands with a 25 metre pool and a state-of the-art gymnasium. There would also be rugby, cricket (including all weather facilities and practice nets), hockey, tennis, basketball, athletics, boxing and martial arts, plus a range of indoor sports. Education facilities in the growing area of sports science, sports injury and rehabilitation would be set up in the ground. There is also the intention to develop entertainment facilities outside sports with a music and dance academy, plus it could be home to a conference centre for the borough.
Finance: A joint initiative between Fisher, developers Stadplex and the council. A proposal to incorporate the facilities of Seven Islands within the new stadium would require Stadplex take ownership of site to fund the new stadium. Fisher - £4 million from the budget for their current revamp at their old Salter Road stadium. Southwark Council - £7 million from the sale of Seven Islands. Developers Stadplex - £24 million of investment and money collected through sponsors, which are likely to include sponsors NIKE, Sports England and Warner Music UK for the music and dance academy facilities at the stadium.

3 years after planning

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